Who is Congremap for?

Congregations and Leaders: Congremap is for congregations and religious leaders of any faith, including churches of any denomination, synagogues, meeting houses and temples. We offer programs for leadership teams and entire congregations, as well as for individual lay leaders and clergy. This work embraces and affirms your organization’s faith, culture and organizational structure.

Congremap: Examine, Identify, Create

Examine the past: Congremap guides leaders and members of a congregation in examining the past to understand the ways people have interacted and related in community over the years.

Identify Patterns in the Present: Congremap encourages participants to be self-reflective as we work together to identify and name patterns of relationship and interaction that have carried over from the past into the present.

Create a vital future: Congremap synthesizes new understandings and knowledge to help participants make informed and thoughtful choices and set clear goals as a group and as individuals.

How does Congremap work?

Maps and Diagrams: Congremap uses visual mapping tools that tap into both the creative and analytic parts of ourselves. Diagrams and other visual tools help to present complex information in a concise format that can be easily grasped by the eye and processed by the brain, while at the same time stimulating new connections and understandings.

Systems: Congremap aims to breathe fresh life into the rhythms of leadership and member interactions in your congregation in a way that embraces and affirms your organization’s faith, culture and organizational structure. It uses a family and congregational systems model drawing from and expanding on the work of people such as Murray Bowen, Edwin Friedman and Peter Steinke.

Why consulting?

Consulting: Congremap brings an outside expert to your congregation to guide leaders and members in gaining fresh perspectives and getting unstuck from difficult problems. Because the consultant is not part of the system, that person is able to identify and analyze issues with a fresh and experienced eye.

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