Our Team

We are a compassionate and affirming group of licensed counselors. Our holistic approach facilitates the integration of the emotional, physical, social, mental and spiritual elements of people’s lives. We serve all ages.

  • Lynn Acquafondata
    Crossbridge Counseling and Crossbridge Wellness Affiliates, Owner

    585-330-1340, Email
    'I treasure the people who have reached out to guide and support me along the winding and chaotic paths of life’s journey to the places of inner strength and peace. I aim to be one of those guides for others.'

  • Dr. Helena Boersma

    585-415-3638,  Email

  • Chelsea Burdick
    Burd Physical Therapy Clinical Director, D.P.T., B.S.

    585-473-2673,  Email

  • Mary Therese Dombeck


  • Anne Marie Farage-Smith
    Counseling Connections

    585-615-5492,  Email
    'The most basic and powerful way to connect to another person is to listen. Just listen.' — Rachel Naomi Remen

  • Irene Garrick

    585-302-2857, Email

  • Lynne M. Macaluso

    You are stronger than you believe, wiser than you know, and more powerful than you can imagine.

    — A.A. Milne

  • Sue E. Ouellette

    815-751-0251, Email
    “Each person has many resources that can be used toward the goal of getting what he or she wants from life.”

  • Komekia Peterson

    585-698-4549, Email

    'Listening doesn't happen by itself. It takes a conscious decision and a willingness to release the distraction of 'being right.' In learning how to listen, we develop the virtues of patience and even humility.'— Brian Muldoon

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