Tools for Self-Study and Self-Reflection

Learn to Manage Stress, Prioritize, Set Goals and Balance Life


Need Immediate Help for Overwhelm?: How Professionals juggling multiple demands and relationships can be more effective right here, right now, by reducing overwhelm  

What if it feels like life is not worth living?: Watch this video if you are feeling hopeless and having suicidal thoughts.

Daily Life Brainstorming Game:  Basic Level    When You Get Stuck in Habitual or Conflictual Responses to Complex Situations and Can Only See One Way Forward It’s Time to Play the Daily Life Brainstorming Game. 

The Daily Life Brainstorming Game: Intermediate Level:  List Games and Home Situations.   When you've learned how to play the basic version of the Daily Life Brainstorming Game and you want to have more fun, add more challenges, and apply it to home life. 

Priority Pie:  How professionals with families whose lives feel out of balance can spend 20 minutes at home in a reflection and discernment process that will lead to determining that crucial next step to bring life into balance. 

Priority Pie for the Workplace: Intermediate Level. How professionals can effectively manage time and accomplish goals in workplace. 

Head to Toe Reactivity Awareness/Reset Tool: When you’ve just left a situation at work or home where you over-reacted and made things worse and you want to learn how to stop your negative reactions right here and right now so you can succeed   

The information provided in these videos is for educational purposes only and does not constitute personal mental health advice or medical advice. It does not constitute a therapeutic relationship with Lynn Acquafondata and is not a replacement for mental health counseling.

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