Weekend Dream Retreat

Retreat Postponed Due to Water Damage at Retreat Site. Call to get on notification list for new date.

Capturing Dreamscapes for Self-Discovery 

A Unique Restorative Retreat to Explore Self Through Dreams and Soul Collage

24 Hour Option: Fri Oct 7 at 4 p.m. to Sat Oct 8 at 4:30 p.m.

Extended Day Option to Sun Oct. 10 at 2 p.m.

An inspiring, restorative small group retreat to explore your dreams

  • Develop an ongoing practice of “dream catching” for yourself. 
  • Work with images using SoulCollage®
  • Have fun playing with dream puns and images 
  • Explore your dreaming potential for self-discovery, one hour per person
  • Extended day retreat includes guided yoga, meditations, authentic movement and journaling options as well as continued SoulCollage®

Dream Retreat Summer 2022

Retreat Leaders:    

Merry Coburn, licensed counselor and Soul Collage facilitator. 

Lynn Acquafondata, licensed counselor and ordained clergy person

Deneen Rhode, somatic therapist and health coach 


Mercy Retreat Center, 65 Highland Avenue, one block from Highland Park  in Rochester, NY

Cost:  Prices includes meals, rooms and workshops. 
24 Hour retreat  $250/private room w/ shared bath, $340/private room w/ private bath.
Two night option: $415/private room w/ shared bath, $505/private room w/ private bath

Covid Note:     If local numbers are high at that time we will require a home COVID test before you attend and masks in common area. 

Registration and Questions: Email [email protected] or call Lynn at 585-330-1340
$100 Deposit for 24 hour retreat. $200 deposit for two night option.  

Space is limited. 

Merry Coburn is a trained SoulCollage(R) facilitator and a seasoned NYS Mental Health Counselor. She has been introducing the SoulCollage process to small groups for ten years, helping people experience their innate creativity and expand their self understanding. SoulCollage(R) is an ongoing part of her personal growth and spiritual practice. Email: [email protected]

Lynn Acquafondata a licensed mental health counselor and ordained clergy person who has taught classes on how to work with dreams in counseling. She her work embraces the connection between mind, body and spirit. Email: crossbridgewellness.com

Deneen Rhode is well experienced in bodywork, somatic therapies and improvisational movement for personal growth. She is currently a Health Studies professor at Monroe Community College and a certified health coach. Her strong embodiment background has informed her teaching and her coaching around a variety of mental and physical health topics and in their delivery to diverse populations. Email: [email protected]

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