Updates What's Happening This Week 03-02-20

Lynn A

Lynn A. -
 is preparing to teach a continuing education class on Dream Use in Counseling.
Lynn Acquafondata. 

Lynne M.

Lynne M.
 – is  working with the Positivity Ratio by Barbara Fredrickson. Based on Ellis' Rational Emotive Behavior Theory, a scale is used to measure the daily ratio of positive thoughts to negative thoughts and the impact it has on our emotional state.
Lynne Macaluso

Irene Dombeck

Irene  D is reading Resilient by Rick Hanson and The Surrender Experiment by Michael Singer for examples and tools for clients to become aware and detach from limiting beliefs.

Irene Dombeck

Dr. Helena

Dr. Helena -  is working on an article for NYMHCA discussing the role nutrition plays on regulating mood in youth populations.

Dr. Helena Boermsa


Mary Dombeck

  Mary is conducting a workshop on communication skills, and interventions in psychotherapy using selected models.

Mary Therese Dombeck

Demetric Pentelton
Demetric - completed training for certification to provide DWI assessments. 
Demetric Pentelton

Sue O

Sue - is now accepting Excellus insurance. 

Sue Ouellette

benBen-  is about to begin studies toward his level 2 Applied Movement Neurology certification. AMN is a UK based academy that incorporates functional neurology and other high-level holistic approaches to therapy.

Ben Pero

Jennifer Long

Jennifer Long 

joined Crossbridge Counseling and is now accepting acupuncture clients on Mondays.  

Jennifer Long

Irene Garrick

Irene Garrick: is reading about Retroactive Jealousy in Relationships, and how to help clients learn strategies to eliminate jealousy and insecurity they might feel towards their partners' past relationships/partners.

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