Updates What's Happening This Week 02-03-20

Lynn A

Lynn A. -
 attended a talk on the use of dreams in Tibetan medicine as a way learn something about life from a perspective completely different from her own.  
Lynn Acquafondata. 

Lynne M.

Lynne M.
 –  is currently researching Positive Organizational Psychology and the effect of workplace culture on well-being.
Lynne Macaluso

Irene Dombeck

Irene  D is reaching out to area medical practices to collaborate in providing support services for people with chronic disease in the area of lifestyle change.

Irene Dombeck

Dr. Helena

Dr. Helena - is developing a new seminar series that addresses meal time challenges for families.  Keep an eye on your emails for updates.  

Dr. Helena Boermsa


Mary Dombeck

  Mary is teaching a course on" Individual Psychotherapy across the Lifespan".

Mary Therese Dombeck

Demetric Pentelton
Demetric -is attending Oasas Impaired Driver training in New York city for certification in providing assessments, and treatment for individuals charged with DWI. 

Demetric Pentelton

Sue O

Sue - is  hard at work on her last semester of her M.Div. degree.

Sue Ouellette

benBen-  is reading the book "The Emotion Code" by Dr. Bradley Nelson to gain a better understanding on how our emotions (the Limbic system) can influence our physical bodies.

Ben Pero

Irene Garrick

Irene Garrick: is reading on the importance of good sleep on physical and mental health, and reviewing good sleep hygiene practices

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