Seeking and Shifting

Since March 2020, humanity has been on a collective journey of perpetual change, grief, and trauma.
Many are finding themselves aching to make major changes to their profession, their relationships,
their faith, or their whole identity. But not all of these folks have felt totally ready or sufficiently
supported to pursue these changes. Is this you? If so, consider Seeking & Shifting! 

Seeking & Shifting is a group therapy approach, newly-designed by seasoned group facilitator and trauma therapist, Meghan Garvey LCSW, to address the unique emerging emotional health challenges of the COVID era. Over the course of six 90-minute sessions, this group will consist of:

- Trauma-informed somatic exercises to open and close each session
- Psychoeducation on discerning and navigating your change process
- Group processing
- Personalized weekly assignments to support your process outside of session

Individual coaching support from Meghan can also be made available by text and phone between group sessions if desired, for an additional fee. 

Group will meet indoors* at Crossbridge Wellness on the following Saturdays from 3pm-4:30pm: 

  • Saturday, November 20th
  • Saturday, December 4th
  • Saturday, December 18th
  • Saturday, January 8th
  • Saturday, January 22nd
  • Saturday, February 5th


Does Seeking & Shifting sound like a group for you?
Reach out to Meghan by email at [email protected]

Please note that group members will be required to complete a free group screening phone call and pay their non-refundable group fee of $300 by Wednesday, November 17th, 2021 to secure their spot.

*Group members will be required to wear provided surgical masks for the duration of group sessions. Vaccination is highly encouraged, but not required for group participation. Group may be forced to shift to an online format dependent on community COVID rates and guidance from public health officials, but Meghan’s goal is to keep the group in-person.

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