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Welcome. As a community therapist, Ryan has deep appreciation of working with diverse populations throughout their career. Ryan’s comprehensive clinical practice ranges from persons coping with complex medical issues and kiddos trying to find their way in this world, to individuals attempting to understand their identity and cope with the world oppressing them, to ordinary people feeling stuck and overwhelmed. Ryan, also has continued experience working with families who are caretakers or coping with a parent's medical complication, specifically memory care.

For 12-years, Ryan has been working as an LGBTQIA health educator & consultant, by gaining certifications in Mindfulness meditation, Complicated Grief, and Trauma-affirmative approaches to reduce pain, suffering, and emotional distress. While for past 5-yrs, Ryan has been working with thrivers of chronic illness and complex medical issues. Ryan is Accepting Patients.

First Responders /Front Liners during CV-19, Ryan is offering reduced rates & crisis support. As a Clinical Gender Therapist, Ryan has over 70-credit hours devoted to this certification. Those needing gender affirmative intervention letters (surgery, HRT, ..), & those seeking secondary writers for letters - Ryan will provide these for you by providing equal support in your journey.  

Ryan also provides consultation for providers working with TGNCNB patients. Beyond Ryan’s work as a community therapist, they have enhanced clinical consultation services to meet the unique needs of the enriched gender and sexuality minorities. From this expansive career, Ryan leads an initiative to enhance Mentorship/Internship for the counselor-hood profession seeking to serve both the LGBTQIA community, and more specificly the TGNCNB community, by providing internship positions including co-facilitating psychotherapy groups, development of psychotherapy group content and assistance on training projects.

Ryan has worked as a clinical consultant for healthcare providers for the past 4-years by professionally speaking on various topics: Trauma-informed practices for sexual assault survivors who identify as TGNCNB, Trauma-informed care for those on the front lines, Gender Spectrum & Beyond, and Young adults combating ‘adult' diseases. Ryan is a 3-time invited and conference attendee requested speaker for Spectrum Conference Albany NY & Philadelphia Trans Wellness Conference PA. Ryan participates on 2 separate community advisory boards, one of which they also offer pro bono consultation services for CAB-Grassroots campaign. Ryan co-leads an LGBTQ counselor supervision consultation group, and advises one long-term community project on accessibility in TGNC healthcare outcomes. https://www.psychologytoday.co...

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