Lis Valentina

lis valentina

Lis Valentina
Reiki Practitioner, Energy worker, and Student

Tel. 585-481-1324
[email protected]

The Energy Room 

Lis has always been exceptionally intuitive and deeply in tune with the energies around her. When she entered her late teens, she started to dive deeper into these energetic and spiritual encounters.   

 Three years ago, she finally stepped onto a path that has led her to her purpose and allows her to embrace her eccentric qualities in their truest essence. Since stepping into her purpose, not only has she discovered more about herself but she has become certified in USUI Reiki Energy healing. Additionally, she is deep in her studies in becoming a Shamanic practitioner, learning alongside her teacher who has been practicing the Shamanic way for over 20+ years. She will complete her studies in Shamanism 

at the Shamanic Connection of Western New York in two years and will then become an apprentice to her teacher and give back to her community in a way that allows her to fulfill her purpose and come as she is.  

 She plans on eventually going back to school to become a therapist, hoping to merge her love for psychology and spiritual development when the time is right.  

 Energy healing sessions with Lis will be private and a safe space for you to begin your transition and transformation into your highest self. When you do this work together with Lis she will be honor all parts of you, even the parts that you are so eager to push away. If your work leads you to begin working with your mental health, she will gladly refer you to a provider.  

 To learn more about Lis and the work she does, head over to her website.

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