Is someone you know acting in an unusual way? Maybe they don’t leave the house much anymore or and don’t get out of bed until late in the day. Maybe they panic in what seem like normal situations. Maybe the person can’t concentrate on tasks at hand and has trouble remembering things or is angry much of the time and becoming suspicious of the neighbors.


How do you know if your family member or friend is managing difficult life issues or if they might need additional emotional support to get better? What about yourself?


Educating oneself about mental health can guide people in figuring out when to get professional help rather than trying to manage on their own. It can help us to understand which of our own responses are appropriate and which make things worse.


Seeking professional support can be very difficult due to the perceived social stigma around mental health needs or because of a fierce desire we often have to manage our own problems or to avoid the negative side effects of meditations. However mental illness is complex and can be debilitating. Professional counseling can help improve people’s lives.


Taking the time and care to learn about mental health issues benefits everyone whether we are concerned about a friend, a family member, someone we don’t know at all, or even oneself.


Here are steps to educate yourself and places to seek additional information or support.



PCP: It is always best to contact your primary care physician if you have any concerns about yourself or a loved one. Your primary care physician can steer you in the right direction.


Internet: There is a tremendous amount of information on the web. Some is helpful, some is not. Here are some websites with useful information that can help determine when and how to reach out for help.






Local support groups for individuals and family members:


Two local organizations offer a variety of classes, support groups, programs and resources for individuals suffering from mental health issues and for their families.




Therapists: At Crossbridge Counseling we get to know you and your situation. We provide education and treatment to improve mental health. We look forward to supporting your emotional well-being. Call now at 585-473-2673.

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